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November 6, 2016 4:46 pm  

Hi everyone, here's some information about your account:


What is a account?

Your account is a unified identity for you to access Hell Tap game services as well as our forum. Most of you will have created a account after playing Post Brutal.


What does the account allow me to do?

The account allows you to have a unified identity to:

  • Backup your game progress from any platform.
  • Restore your game progress to any platform.
  • Sync between platforms at will ( eg. you can backup on an iPhone and then restore to an Android )
  • Gain special achievements in-game.
  • Access the Hell Tap community using the same identity.


We've spent a lot of time implementing accounts. We believe this will help keep things simple for our players as well as provide a framework to improve on this service in the years to come.


How do I Get A account?

The easiest way is to create a account is to download one of our games and set one up in-game. It's super easy to use and once you've set it up, you can use the same account right here on the forum! 🙂

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