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November 6, 2016 4:20 pm  

Welcome to the Hell Tap Community Forum!

We have some rules that we ask of all of our users to follow. If you cannot stick to these rules, we kindly ask you not to use the forums. Please bare in mind that if we are forced to ban a user's account, that user will not be able to access their saved games in

Also, we kindly ask our users to please post in English.


Please follow these basic rules and you won't get banned:

- The forums exist to talk about Hell Tap games specifically. Please keep on subject.

- Don't cause trouble or insult other users.

- Don't cause more work for the moderators.

- Don't spam the site (post multiple threads on the same topic, etc).

- No ads / links to other products or services.

- No piracy. Discussion about piracy in the abstract is acceptable. But links or how-to's or where to get pirated software/ROMs will quickly result in banning.

- Please keep language to a PG-13 level.

- No selling: Don't promote or arrange monetary transactions via this site.

- Don't copy / paste articles from other sites.


That's it... Thank you! 🙂

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